About Us

ScaleIt Auto was developed by a junk car buying company in New Jersey that wanted an easy way to calculate the purchase price of a junk vehicle based on its curb weight.

No more fussing with search engines and calculators for car information!

With the ScaleIt Auto App, just enter your numbers and have an immediate price.

ScaleIt Auto facilitates quick and accurate pricing so there is no customer wait time when giving a junk car price quote. The app allows the user to calculate the exact curb weight of most model vehicles. It then uses your individual scrap rate and car weight per 100 lbs to calculate the price paid by the metal processor.

Since the price of scrap metal fluctuates, the app allows you to change your rate with ease.It allows a buyer the mobility and convenience to calculate the value of a junk vehicle on the spot – remotely, anywhere, anytime!

The ScaleIt Auto App is available on Android and IOS platforms, as well as as a desktop application.