Being new to the business, I struggled to price out junk cars while earning a profit, This app has 100% relieved all of that stress for me and has allowed me to accurately, quickly and honesty offer a customer a price for their junk vehicle while still enabling me to make a profit. A real life-saver for the industry.

Spencer P

I am an owner/operator and drive the tow truck myself. This app has enabled me to be safe on the road while still conducting business.

Jorge T

As a towing company owner for more than 25 years, it is important for me to be able to delegate responsibility to my employees. With the ScaleIt App, they can buy junk cars with much ease and accuracy without me having to micro-manage. This allows me as an owner to be more productive with other aspects of my business.

Tom D

Quick, Easy, Reliable. Could not buy junk cars without this phone app. Saves me time, and my customers are satisfied with the accuracy of pricing.

John C

Been in the towing business for over 20 years. This app has allowed me to run my tow truck, and answer the phones at the same time. As an owner/operator, this is a lifesaver.

Jermain B